Episode #33 How to Handle Rejection

In this episode we specifically address rejection with regards to building a business and being a missionary. As parents, we cannot shield our kids from experiencing rejection. What we can do is empower them with the tools to know exactly how to handle it when it happens!

Episode #32 Fallacy of People Pleasers

Far too often, we run around trying to do everything for everyone in hopes they will feel loved or get the help they need! In the meantime, we are left exhausted, we fail to honor our own commitments AND we forget to enjoy our life too!

Episode #31 The Process of Becoming

Watching a caterpillar go through the process of becoming can be a painfully long and disturbing process to watch. Yet, it's what the caterpillar needs to pass through in order to reach its full potential. As parents, watching our kids progress can be equally as difficult. Is it possible, the most successful parents are not those who have perfect children, but those who never give up? Maybe the most successful parents are those who love their children not matter how difficult the journey!

Episode #30 Agency-A Blessing and a Curse

As parents, when our children make decisions contrary to those we would have them make, we often make those actions mean something about our competency as parents. Is it possible, our kids are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing? Is it possible, we are exactly the parent that child needs? For better or for worse, agency is part of the plan!

Episode #29 Parenting LDS Missionaries

Let's explore together how we can best support our children as they serve as missionaries! Serving as a missionary is hard AND THAT"S OKAY! Growth doesn't come as we hang out in our comfort zone. Our job as parents is never done and is constantly changing as our children enter different phases of their lives. Hang on and keep up!!

Episode #28 Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Physical intimacy is a element unique to the relationship of married couples. It's a skill that comes naturally to some couples and requires more development in others! In either case, you have total control over your mindset regarding this aspect of your marriage. Choose carefully

Episode #27 Focus on the Goal

How often do we spend our time as if with a magnifying glass looking at the negative aspects of our lives? Staying focused on our goals and taking into account the big picture is so much more productive! Drop the drama and maintain focus where it's most productive!

Episode #26 Money Matters

Actions speak louder than words. Peace around money is a huge contributor to peace in the home. Start intentionally spending or better yet, intentionally saving and give your kids the gift of a healthy mindset around money!

Episode #25 Parenting Married Children

See the life coach model in action as I coach my married daughter live on this podcast. After coaching, we reflect on the powerful effect coaching has had on our relationship and all others in her life. Having these tools is a game changer, but sharing them...PRICELESS!

Episode #24 Spiritual Connection

Let's work smarter rather than harder and really connect with our families on a deeper and more spiritual level. The sealing power is more than a physical connection, it's a spiritual connection. Even if our families are spread across the world, we can still cultivate a deep and a rich spiritual connection.

Episode #23 Helping Your Children Discover Their Roots

Are family reunions really worth the hassle and drama? That all depends on your thoughts!! Listen and learn mindset hacks to help your next reunion be the best yet!

Episode #22 Children The Best Investment

My dad is an amazing investor who has learned how to make more through his investments than his 9-5 job. He will be the first to tell you, the greatest investment he ever made was in his children. Listen along to figure out how he did it!

Episode #21 Marriage-Keeping it Real

The more content you are in your marriage, the more emotional energy you have to teach and unconditionally love your children. Learn how to train your brain to find the good in your spouse and to focus on their strengths. Individually, you will be incredible; together you will be unstoppable.

Episode #20 Power of Why

Your drive to accomplish a goal is only as strong as your WHY! Why will you stop at nothing to accomplish it? Learn how to accomplish absolutely ANYTHING!

Episode #19 Biggest Parenting Fail

As parents, our go to strategy seems to be advising our kids on their actions. Real change only occurs as they are able to understand how their thoughts are directly creating their results and they adjust their thoughts accordingly


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