Intro to Health Challenge

This challenge starts Jan 14th and the prize for the winner will be announced on Feb 11. There are 8 possible points a day. To participate in the challenge, please send an email to Connie.atkisson@yahoo.com once a week with your weekly total. The weekly spreadsheet is in printable form at the bottom of this screen. Print off your pdf and let’s hold each other accountable!!! The biggest “thank you” you could give me is to share this challenge with your friends!

“Why?” Is Your Driving Force

Before you get started on this health challenge for January, make sure to WRITE DOWN YOUR WHY. Feel free to send me an email with your “Why?” or just write it down where you can see it throughout the day!

What to eat and stay on plan

January Wrapup

I did it!!!


Health Challenge
Food List


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