Episode #48 Dropping Expectations

The holiday season can be so fun and magical as we have opportunity to interact with so many people. It can also be stressful. Maybe you aren't the traditional family. Maybe you are forced to interact with people who aren't nice to you. Learn how to navigate it all!

Episode #47 Navigating Divorce with Compassion

Even DIVORCE is completely neutral until you have a thought about it. My sister, Debbie Kerr, joins me on this podcast her share her story of leading with compassion through a messy divorce. She learned to show compassion to herself, her children AND even to her soon-to-be-ex.

Episode #46 Inside a Teenage Mind

She spunky, sassy and I love her to pieces. I don't always know what to do with her, but I love this girl no matter what. Join me on this episode where my youngest daughter gives us an inside look into how teenagers think and how parents can best help them.

Episode #45 Puppies and Teenagers

It's our responsibility as parents to teach and to keep our children safe. Our greatest chances of being successful in this mission is to act out of love instead of anger; set clear boundaries and rules; and to remember we are working in synergy with our Heavenly Father to help guide these children back to him.

Episode #44 Strong Women

Being the mother of five girls, I want to be an example of what's possible and help my girls look to the scriptures for examples of strong, capable women who are really making a difference in the world. I want them to know, they are capable of accomplishing ANYTHING!

Episode #43 A Teenage Perspective With Rachel

Please join me and my super spunky and down to earth neice, Rachel, as we discuss what being a teenager is like in today's world and how parents can best support their teenagers through it all. Ever wondered how divorce affects teenagers and how they navigate their way through it? Do you have teenagers that fight? Rachel has some solid advice based on real experience!

Episode #42 Managing Expectations

How often are we left angry and frustrated about what other SHOULD do or not do? Maybe your right!! AND maybe it ultimately brings more happiness and peace to just let people be who they are!! join me on this episode as we focus on setting clear boundaries, learning to say "no," and dropping the head drama as we love people for who they are--perfectly imperfect.

Episode #41 Power of Perspective

You in the middle of a divorce? Your kid just came out of the closet and unveiled same sex attraction? Many times, life throws us curve balls and challenges come our way. We have no power to change those situations AND THAT'S OKAY!! We hold the power over the perspective we choose to focus on and that's the only power tool we need!

Episode #40 Lessons from a Former Mission President's Wife

Margaret Arnold is not only a distant relative, but more importantly a great friend. I love getting advice from more mature people who have been through what I'm going through. Margaret has simple and wise advice to help us prepare our kids to be mission ready whether or not they choose to serve. She also has great ideas for supporting them while they serve. There are great golden nuggets here for ALL PARENTS!!

Episode #39 Cell Phones and Teenagers

We aren't going to give teenagers car keys without so much as a driving lesson, NOR should we hand them a cell phone without guidelines and lessons on using one safely. Cell phones can be a huge influence for good in our lives when used properly. Let's empower our teenagers to use their agency for their good by lovingly setting rules together and enforcing them. 

Episode #38 Facing Challenges Head On

We don't always have control over our circumstances, but we always have control over how we react to them. Sometimes, we just need to process pain before we find the thought that will lead us back to happiness. Trials are not a speedbump in the game of life, they are an integral part of life. It's how we handle them that defines our character!!!

Episode #37 Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

We are very familiar with the commandments to Love God and Love Thy Neighbor AND we very often gloss over the final part of the second great commandment--love thy neighbor AS THYSELF. We know it is we will be held accountable for how we treat others! Let us not forget, it is equally important how we treat ourselves. It's time to drop the self hate and start loving!

Episode #36 Dealing with Difficult People

We can learn to love absolutely anyone--even the most difficult person you know! What if you could see that difficult person though God's lens and just love. Unconditionally love them without them changing a thing. In the end, you may decide they aren't a good fit in your life AND you can still LOVE. We have no more power to change difficult people than we do to change the laws of nature. Our power lies in ourselves!

Episode #35 Facing Your Fears

What if we imagine the worst thing that could happen? Then, let's really explore that possibility! Is it actually as horrible as the chatter in our brain wanted us to believe? If we are willing to face our worst fear, there's nothing standing between us and the life we dream of. Now, let's go take some action-there's nothing to fear!!

Episode #34 Resisting vs Allowing Emotion

Resisting emotion is like pushing a beach ball under the water and holding it there. Eventually, that ball is going to come to the surface fast and furiously! Instead of trying to push away our emotions, what if we figuratively dance with them. Let's understand them, learn from them and sit with them for a while. Only then, are we truly able to process those emotions. 


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