Episode #27 Focus on the Goal

How often do we spend our time as if with a magnifying glass looking at the negative aspects of our lives? Staying focused on our goals and taking into account the big picture is so much more productive! Drop the drama and maintain focus where it's most productive!

Episode #26 Money Matters

Actions speak louder than words. Peace around money is a huge contributor to peace in the home. Start intentionally spending or better yet, intentionally saving and give your kids the gift of a healthy mindset around money!

Episode #25 Parenting Married Children

See the life coach model in action as I coach my married daughter live on this podcast. After coaching, we reflect on the powerful effect coaching has had on our relationship and all others in her life. Having these tools is a game changer, but sharing them...PRICELESS!

Episode #24 Spiritual Connection

Let's work smarter rather than harder and really connect with our families on a deeper and more spiritual level. The sealing power is more than a physical connection, it's a spiritual connection. Even if our families are spread across the world, we can still cultivate a deep and a rich spiritual connection.

Episode #23 Helping Your Children Discover Their Roots

Are family reunions really worth the hassle and drama? That all depends on your thoughts!! Listen and learn mindset hacks to help your next reunion be the best yet!

Episode #22 Children The Best Investment

My dad is an amazing investor who has learned how to make more through his investments than his 9-5 job. He will be the first to tell you, the greatest investment he ever made was in his children. Listen along to figure out how he did it!

Episode #21 Marriage-Keeping it Real

The more content you are in your marriage, the more emotional energy you have to teach and unconditionally love your children. Learn how to train your brain to find the good in your spouse and to focus on their strengths. Individually, you will be incredible; together you will be unstoppable.

Episode #20 Power of Why

Your drive to accomplish a goal is only as strong as your WHY! Why will you stop at nothing to accomplish it? Learn how to accomplish absolutely ANYTHING!

Episode #19 Biggest Parenting Fail

As parents, our go to strategy seems to be advising our kids on their actions. Real change only occurs as they are able to understand how their thoughts are directly creating their results and they adjust their thoughts accordingly

Episode #18 A Mission-The Best University for Life

When attending college you learn lots of information you never use again after the final. In contrast, while serving a mission, you use every lesson you learn every day for the rest of your life. It is the best education for life available! This podcast episode is a must listen for potential missionaries and parents!

Episode #17 I Do Not Doubt My Mother Knew It

Being a great mom isn't about perfection, it's about teaching by example, not giving up, being present and consistent, loving unconditionally and learning to laugh when things don't go the way you were expecting.

Episode #16 The Ideal Friend

We spend half our life guessing how to best serve those around us instead of just straight up asking. Clear communication is a game changer!!

Episode #15 Teaching Your Kids a Healthy Mindset

The most valuable tool you can teach your children is that of a healthy mindset. Drop the judgements, just love unconditionally

Episode #14 Don't Wait for the Weight

If you hate yourself into getting skinny, you will still hate yourself when you get there. Erin King joins us to share with us her secrets about loving yourself along your fitness journey.

Episode #13 Girl, Stop Pretending

Girl, Stop Pretending! You are enough. You are perfectly imperfect. Embrace everything about yourself. There's nothing more attractive than a person who is keeping it real.

Episode #12 Don't Mind the Mess

Truly organizing often requires making a bigger mess before an area gets neatly put back together. Our thoughts are no different. Don't mind the mess-just get the job done!

Episode #11 Balancing Your Schedule

It is essential in intentional living to identify the good, better and best activities available to us and make sure we block out time for those which are best.

Episode #10 Processing Negative Emotion

Feeling negative emotion and process it is a normal part of our human existence. Feeling sad sometimes doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, it means you are human. Process it. Learn from it.

Episode #9 It's None of Your Business

What other people think of you is none of your business. Get over it! Move on! Live a life that makes you proud to be you!!

Episode #8 Unleash Your Potential

We have been created to learn, to progress and to unleash our potential. Listen and learn seven simple steps to help you reach your impossible goal.

Episode #7 Freedom of Decluttering

We can feel as relaxed in our home as we do in a hotel room if our homes are as decluttered as a hotel. Stop procrastinating and start freeing up space in your brain by getting rid of all that stuff you aren't using.

Episode #6 Powerful Top Five

Did you know you are the average of the top five people you spend the most time with? It's time to hand pick our dream team to help us create our best future self!

Episode #5 Judge Not

Let's stop judging people and just love them. Anyone, anywhere--we can do it!! When we force our minds to find the good in others, we ultimately find the key to loving ourselves

Episode #4 The Parable of the Judgemental Jerk

We can change everything we don't like about our lives merely by changing our thoughts about our circumstances. Learn to manage your mind by intentionally choosing thoughts that lead to the results you want in your life.

Episode #3 Christlike Parenting

It's time to stop screaming and start communicating! This podcast will also explore how we can shift our focus from punishing to teaching our kids.

Episode #2 Real Weight Loss

Guest speaker Mary Henrie shares with us her journey which resulted in her losing over 50 pounds in a year and keeping it off. Find out how to eat to fuel your body instead of eating to feel a temporary dopamine hit.

Episode #1 Fear of Failure

The only real failure is failure to take action. Now is the time to make your dreams a reality


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