Making the Most of a Family Reunion!!

Making the Most of a Family Reunion!! Making the Most of a Family Reunion!!

Family is a circumstance

It's completely neutral until you have a thought about it.


Research shows, the more children know about their ancestors, the more details they can recall and the more closely connected they feel; the stronger sense of self they will feel.

Coming into this family reunion, I had three goals

  1. Find a way to genuinely connect with each adult.
  2. Look for the AWESOME
  3. Drop my expectations

GENUINELY CONNECT: I wanted to spend time getting to know each adult. What are their talents and struggles? More importantly, I approached each conversation with the mindset, "I can learn something new from each person I meet" I approached each connection with the attitude I could learn something from them that would make me a better person and I DID!!!

LOOK FOR THE AWESOME: Our brains are so brilliant! If we approach a situation with an attitude of criticism, that's exactly what we will find--flaws in people and in events. The opposite is also true! If we approach a situation with the attitude that it's awesome, our brains will find the awesome! Our brains will focus on the amazing and find all the good there is to be found. Focusing on the awesome, creates feelings of joy! I love the way joy feels way more than I like the way judgement and criticism feels. I choose awesome and joy.

DROP EXPECTATIONS: Every time we use the word "should" we are just setting ourselves up for disappointment. I made a conscious decision to be grateful for whatever way people chose to fulfill assignments to participate. People were amazing! They went above and beyond to plan fun activities, to help others out and to include others in their fun ideas.

The result, is that I feel so lucky to be a leaf on this incedible family tree!!



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