Parenting Lessons from a Quilt

Parenting Lessons from a Quilt Parenting Lessons from a Quilt

When you look at this quilt, what do you see?

Chances are better than 95%, you remember a trip to Disney or check to see if your favorite Disney signature happens to be included. Who would take the time to check for perfect corners or places where the embroidery doesn't exactly cover the pencil markings?!?! If you are the 5% looking for a flaw instead of being enchanted by the art and beauty, you, my friend, are missing out!!!

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you looking to enjoy the beauty of your appearance and character or obsessing over your faults? If you waste your time inspecting your flaws with a microscope, YOU, my friend, ARE MISSING OUT!! Missing out on the real beauty of all the incredible attributes and characteristics that make you YOU!!

When you look at your children, what do you notice?

Are you focusing on their talents and successes or obsessing over their flaws? Do you feel like it's your job to fix them or to love them just the way they are? If our FOCUS is on anything other than their beauty and talents, WE ARE MISSING OUT. Life is about progression not perfection!!


  1. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY--Like the quilt, just enjoy their beauty without looking for imperfections and flaws. Our job is to love and to support. To notice the beauty and potential and to ENCOURAGE
  2. FOCUS ON THE GOOD--Our brains are brilliant!! Whatever we are looking for, we will find. We can either look for the good and the growth or miss out on seeing all the good while we obsess over imperfections.
  3. PROGESS NOT PERFECTION--Remember, it is not our job to make decisions for our kids. We had our chance and this is theirs!!  Our job is to focus on their progress and to be their greatest cheerleader as we watch them on their journey of life!! None of us are perfect and IT"S OKAY!!



In a world where I can focus on anything, I choose to focus on progress, strengths and beauty of character!!


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