Feel Your Feelings

Feel Your Feelings Feel Your Feelings


An integral part of the MODEL is Feeling.

This is not a component to be lightly brushed over!!

You have a circumstance in your life that is a FACT--you could prove it in a court of law.  This circumstand is completely neutral until you have a thought about it. That THOUGHT will create a FEELING!  Really focus on that feeling for a minute.  Don't just settle for "Mad" or "Joyful" Really focus on your feeling. If it's an emotion that feels good to you and is driving you to ACTIONS that are creating good RESULTS in your life, lets keep them.  If not, let's process, understand and intentionally change to a feeling that is an emotion you enjoy feeling and is driving actions that are positive.

FEELINGS are worth really understanding and processing. They play a pivotal role in the results you are getting in your life. Feelings are never wrong, they are just yours to understand and to decide if it's worth keeping.

CREATE the life you want, by feeling emotions which drive ACTIONS and create RESULTS worth keeping.  It's worth the wrestle.

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