100 Things I Love About Me by Connie Atkisson

100 Things I Love About Me by Connie Atkisson 100 Things I Love About Me by Connie Atkisson
  1. Improvement is more important to me than perfection
  2. I love people
  3. I have the perfect husband for me
  4. I love being a mom
  5. I believe I can learn something valuable from everyone I meet
  6. I love to learn new things
  7. Failure isn't an option
  8. I love to conquer hards things
  9. I love to hike
  10. I love having a dog more than I thought possible
  11. I love to entertain
  12. I do an amazing job as chair of Battle of the Bands
  13. I love to eat healthy and to take care of myself
  14. I rarely miss a day making my bed or brushing and flossing my teeth
  15. I want everyone who comes to my house to feel like family
  16. I'm never too busy to be a friend
  17. I love food and am a great cook
  18. I'm a great quilter
  19. I'm not afraid of trials
  20. I look for the good in others
  21. I work hard--as my daughter says, "There are 24 hours in a day and my mom can use them all"
  22. I have amazing siblings
  23. I, Connie, have been born of goodly parents and I'm so grateful
  24. I love to have the house full of people.
  25. I'm comfortable being alone.
  26. I recognize my weaknesses, but they do not define me.
  27. I love to go on and to plan vacations.
  28. I am an awesome grandma.
  29. I rarely go to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink.
  30. I'm decluttering my house one tabletop and drawer at a time.
  31. I focus on teaching my kids rather than punishing
  32. I can set and achieve any goal I decide on.
  33. I cherish my relationship with my Heavenly Father
  34. I have unshakable faith
  35. I choose the thoughts I want in my head
  36. I don't make myself wrong when I return to old habits; I just notice and make necessary corrections
  37. My own opinion of myself matters more to me than that of others
  38. Kitchen dance parties are my favorite
  39. I am a work in progress and I'm progressing
  40. I love finding better and more efficient ways of doing things
  41. I'm not too proud to cry when I need to.
  42. I recognize negative emotions are part of life and I allow them to be part of my life.
  43. I love to exercise with friends
  44. I am obsessed with Spotify and good music
  45. I love a good Broadway play
  46. I love exploring new cities
  47. I am a daughter of God and 100% lovable just the way I am
  48. I am generous
  49. I love to give thoughtful gifts-especially those that are unexpected.
  50. I am my girl's biggest cheerleader
  51. I'd rather be hot than cold
  52. Being a mom is my favorite!
  53. I'm great with money
  54. I love to plan adventures
  55. I love to learn
  56. I prefer to listen to books rather than to sit and read them
  57. I'm most comfortable in leggings and a tshirt
  58. I love a good movie
  59. I love to help others find the good in themselves
  60. I believe happiness is a choice
  61. I am determined to "be the yeast" and to make a difference for good in this world
  62. I have learned to forgive
  63. I volunteer to drive carpool any time I can
  64. I love Utah!
  65. I love being surrounded by family
  66. I'm not sure who I spoil more my dog or my grandkids, but I definitely see my dog more.
  67. I strive to love others just the way they are
  68. I'd rather have a few clothes that a love rather than a closet full of clothes I hardly ever wear.
  69. I choose to focus on the good in myself and others
  70. I love to ask questions
  71. I cherish the lessons I learned serving as a missionary.
  72. I rejoice in the opportunity to be a missionary mom AND count the days until they return
  73. I choose to be positive
  74. I find joy in the everyday things of life
  75. I love to laugh
  76. I love to sing at the top of my lungs
  77. I love to improve processes
  78. I love being a woman
  79. I love to brush my teeth in the shower
  80. I love making new friends
  81. I am really good at remembering and celebrating birthdays
  82. I'm really good at owning up to my mistakes
  83. I apologize often
  84. My favorite intentional thought is, "If Heavenly Father loves ______, so can I!" And I believe he does love everyone
  85. I dress up and wear makeup as a gift for myself
  86. I'm learning to show more compassion for myself
  87. I love going to the temple
  88. I love teaching others to sew/quilt
  89. I love getting a really great deal
  90. I am optimistic
  91. I am determined
  92. I have FIVE GIRLS and no boys and I wouldn't trade them for anything!!
  93. I am creative
  94. I'm not afraid to listen to advice
  95. I am a recovering CHOCaholic
  96. I choose to ACT not to REACT
  97. I'm not afraid to ask for help
  98. Hiring a housekeeper is one of the kindest things I do for myself and for my family
  99. I prayed my little brother to this earth and cherish him.
  100. Growing up with girls and raising girls has given new meaning to appreciation for the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"


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