100 Things I Like About Me by Mary Henrie

100 Things I Like About Me by Mary Henrie 100 Things I Like About Me by Mary Henrie
1. I am working on a new version of myself
2. I am married to a great husband
3. I have two daughters and two sons
4. I live in Lehi
5. I am a good team lead. 
6. I am good at teaching relevant gospel doctrine lessons
7. I am a good friend
8. I do my best work in the morning
9. I am a good cook. 
10. I am a good organizer
11. I have the spiritual gift of believing 
12. I am creative
13. I figure out more productive ways to do tasks. 
14. I am kind
15. I enjoy learning 
16. I know basic rules of nutrition
17. I love to travel
18. I love exploring new places with my family. 
19. I love to do service in the temple
20. I am working to have an eternal marriage. 
21. I  have naturally curly hair but not too curly
22. I have nice fingernails
23. I have nice hands
24. I can take thoughts and present them in a visual way. 
25. I can read well 
26. I can play the piano. 
27. I can sing 
28. I can connect with others
29. I take the stairs at work
30. I make my own natural laundry soap
31. I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ
32. I have kind parents
33. I had kind caring Grandparents
34. I can make an embroidery pattern
35. I very rarely follow a recipe or pattern exactly. 
36. I have three sisters and one brother
37. I seek for self improvement
38. My mind is always going
39. I am the mother to many foreign exchange students. 
40. God sometimes sends me messages in dreams.
41. I am a daughter of God 
42. I like others
43. I love to learn.
44. I am good at making connections with the things I learn.
45. I love to look at clouds
46. I am kind.
47. I genuinely look for ways to help others.
48. I am a critical thinker
49. I love Jesus Christ 
50. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints 
51. I hold space for people
52. I love my husband on purpose
53. I birthed 4 babies 
54. And nursed 2 of them
55. I am not afraid of others judgments 
56. I can turn fabric into clothing.
57. I can alter a formal dress to make it modest and more attractive.
58. I have been married for 27 years
59. I have lived in the same house for 22 years
60. I still keep in touch with my best friend from 7th grade
61. My smile
62. I smile through a hard workout 
63. I can not tell a lie. My face gives me away
64. I have never broken a bone
65. I have some very good and loyal friends
66. I love to snuggle with my husband. 
67. I am honest
68. I an curious 
69. I appreciate silence
70. I love to hear my kids do music together
71. I love being a woman
72. I like to take pictures
73. I like to see things that take my breath away
74. I like to blog
75. I have written over 1000 blog posts
76. I have compiled many scrapbooks and memory books
77. I can swim
78. I am not a picky eater
79. I have good grammar skills
80. I can find things when they are lost
81. I am a full tithe payer
82. I have a current temple recommend
83. I love flower gardens
84. I like to go hiking. 
85. Kayaking is fun
86. I love general conference talks
87. I am a morning person. 
88. I love that we have family traditions
89. I like to make others feel special on their birthday
90. I love to watch the sunrise
91. I like to watch the sunset 
92. I like to look at stars 
93. I am a recovering perfectionist 
94. I strive for charity 
95. I have good ideas
96. I am a good problem solver
97. I love musicals
98. I hate endings
99. I have a bachelor's degree from BYu
100. I love cake but especially frosting 


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